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  • 3/1/2020

Vision Insurance


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Your eye health is essential. Is it protected?

Vision insurance plans help offset the cost of expensive optometrist visits and provide discounts on eyewear products. The Direct Benefits Marketplace provides a selection of vision plans, some of which can be combined with other types of insurance plans. If you get a vision and dental insurance bundle, for example, you could qualify for an even lower monthly fee. 

What do vision plans cover?

Each provider has different coverage details, but all plans include regular, preventative eye exams. We offer more extensive plans that include covered or discounted prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses. Vision plans can vary considerably in their coverage offerings. For example, some of our plans also offer some coverage on services like laser surgery and lens enhancements like bifocals or progressive lenses. Use the comparison guide to find the best vision plan that fulfills your needs. 

How much will it cost?

Our vision insurance plans start at an affordable monthly fee as low as $7/month along with a copay. The price of additional services, tests, and vision-related expenses may be available at a discounted or pre-fixed rate depending on the coverage you select. You can also bundle your vision insurance with other types of insurance like dental to get an even more affordable rate.

What types of benefits come with vision insurance?*

• Annual eye and vision exams
• Affordable frames, glasses, sunglasses, and contact lens options. Some coverage
options even offer a frame allowance.
• Discounts on some laser surgeries including LASIK
• Lens Enhancements

*Benefits vary by plan
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Comparing vision insurance, vision discount plans, and basic health insurance:

Annual routine eye examAnnual routine eye exam 
Eyeglass frames/lenses and contactsEyeglass frames/lenses and contacts 
Pre-determined discounts on all vision-related expensesPre-determined discounts on all vision-related expenses 
Eye care for major medical problemsEye care for major medical problemsEye care for major medical problems
Balance paid by plan with required copayment