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Find a dental plan with the best coverage for you
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  • 2/1/2021


Dental Insurance

Comparison of dental insurance plans


Enter your zip code and compare dental insurance plans from a variety of national insurance brands.

Selection of a dental insurance plan


Select the dental insurance plan with the best coverage options to fit your lifestyle.

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Protect your dental health with a dental insurance plan that provides dental coverage at an affordable price!

Did You Know? 

Your oral health and overall health are linked!

The link is so strong that your dentist can identify issues like nutritional deficiencies,

cancer, and even HIV at your regular dental exams.


What do dental plans cover?

There is no "one size fits all" dental insurance plan. Dental plans can vary greatly in their coverage offerings, but don't let this scare you! On our marketplace, you can find a plan that covers all your needs.


How much will dental insurance cost?

There are many variables that go into the final cost of dental plans. These include the type of plan, coverage, deductible, dental needs, location, and more.

Your annual maximum and whether or not a plan has waiting periods or not will also play a role in the cost of your dental insurance. Run a free instant quote to compare prices!



Which type of dental insurance is the best?

Which brand is best for you and your family depends on your dental needs, your budget, and your preferred dentist.

You could start by refining your search on based on procedures needed or based on potential savings. We recommend picking your plan based off needs rather than by brand name!

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Before you shop, here's a guide to dental insurance lingo:

Insurance LingoTerminology Breakdown
PPOPreferred Provider Organization - allows plan holders to visit a wide range of dentists and hospitals.
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization - plan holders have a certain network of dentists and hospital they can visit.
DISCOUNT PLANSA set discount on services. Must see a participating dentist to take advantage of the discount.
CHOICE PLANSA group of plans that does not require you to stay in-network. You have the flexibility to visit any provider.
NETWORKA group of dentists that have accepted certain plans and discounts.
OUT-OF-NETWORKA dentist that does not accept your coverage or plan.
DEDUCTIBLEA yearly or one-time fee that must be paid before the insurance company covers anything.
ANNUAL MAXIMUMThe maximum dollar amount a dental plan will pay toward the cost of dental care within a specific time period (usually January through December).
MONTHLY CHARGEAlso called "Premium". Your monthly plan fee.