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Pet insurance protecting your fur baby and your wallet

Pet insurance provides peace of mind knowing your pet has protection when they need it. Pet insurance also helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low when visiting the vet.


Comprehensive pet insurance plans for your loyal companion

The variety of plans offered taps into the specific needs you’re looking for. Your pets are there for you, be ready when they need you!

Pet insurance for dogs

Our best friends on four paws are infamous for finding trouble. Having a pet insurance plan for your dog can give you peace of mind so you can enjoy the puppy love and worry less about vet bills no matter what happens!


Pet insurance for cats

Your cat has a mind of their own - but they are family! Stubborn, silly, or sweet as they may be, there is always the possibility of accidents or illnesses. Give your kitty the care they deserve without having to stress about the cost.


How much does pet insurance cost?

The cost of pet insurance varies from pet to pet. Your pet's age, breed, and location can affect the price of your policy. To see how much it would cost to protect the animals in your life, run a quote.


What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance coverage will vary by brand and the plan type you select. The pet insurance plans we offer cover accidents and illnesses, but you can also add a wellness rider that will help cover the costs of routine care like exams and vaccinations. This way, you can customize your pet insurance plan to meet the needs of your pet.


*Pet insurance is administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC and is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company, a New York Insurance company. Please visit www.americanpetinsurance.com to review all available pet health insurance products

Pet insurance FAQs

Why should I pay for a pet insurance plan?
What are the top factors to consider when selecting a pet insurance plan?
How does reimbursement work for pet insurance plans?
Does my pet's age factor into the price of my pet insurance?

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Before you shop, here's a guide to
pet insurance lingo:


With a Pets Best policy, there are no networks and you can visit any vet.

Benefit Cap

Some plans do have an annual limit (amount of money allotted per year) that will run out once you have used it.


The deductible you choose is the amount you will be responsible to pay out of pocket before your pet insurance covers the remaining costs.


Carrier is an insurance company that offers insurance plans.

Age Limit

Your pet must be above 7 weeks to be insured

Annual Limit

The maximum dollar amount a pet plan will pay toward the cost of service(s) per year.

Pre-existing Conditions

Any illness or injury that begins before your policy is effective, or during your waiting period, will be considered “pre-existing."

Reimbursement Level

This is the percentage the plan will pay towards a qualified service.

Monthly Charge

Also called "Premium". Your monthly plan fee.

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