Let's find a plan to cover your next adventure
Let's find a plan to cover your next adventure
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  • 8/1/2024

Travel Insurance Plans

When planning your next adventure, buy travel insurance to prepare for the unexpected. Insurance for travel is uniquely designed to safeguard against unanticipated events like medical emergencies and lost or stolen baggage.


Travel insurance protects your health and finances if life's unpredictability interferes with your trip. Whether you fall ill and need to cancel your trip or require medical care abroad that's not covered by your US-based policy, the right travel insurance plan helps guard you against accidents and illness.


Find travel insurance with the protection you need and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered. When shopping for travel insurance plans at Direct Benefits, you can also browse individual dental insurance, family dental insurance and senior dental plans. At home or away, we have the plan you need.

Are you covered for your next adventure?

Travel insurance can save you money and time while abroad. Here are some things you should know while shopping for your policy:

Why travel insurance is important

Enjoying your next adventure should be your biggest focus--but sometimes, the unexpected happens. It's always best to know you're covered, no matter where you're going! 

Save your hard-earned money: Investing in the cost of a trip without insurance could leave you financially vulnerable. Travel insurance plans can include trip cancellation, medical transportation, illnesses while abroad, and more.


International travel medical insurance

U.S. health insurance policies simply do not provide adequate coverage when taken abroad. From filling an important prescription to translating symptoms to finding the right doctor, medical care can get complicated when you're away from home. 

Travel insurance makes it simple! Plans offer comprehensive coverage while traveling internationally, providing peace of mind and improving access to care.


What does travel insurance cover?

What your travel insurance plan does and does not cover will depend on which plan you choose. General travel insurance plans will cover trip cancellation costs, baggage, and medical transportation in case of emergency, while travel medical insurance plans can provide coverage for physician office visits, surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, and more!