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4 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

Seeing a new eye doctor? Ready to impress your current eye doctor? We know just what you need in order to elevate your level of self-care with a forward-looking approach to caring for your eyes.

Get ready for your next eye exam by consulting our list of four questions, which our researchers compiled with the National Eye Institute(which is part of the National Institutes of Health). Next time you're scheduled for an eye exam, ask your doctor these questions to get the most from your visit. These questions are for your loved ones, too, so they receive the best possible care. 

Question 1: What changes can I expect in my vision? 

Know what to expect for your vision health based on age, profession, and vision needs so you can proactively ensure optimal eye health. 

Question 2: What lifestyle changes, if any, might help my vision? 

Diet, exercise, and screen time (computers, tablets, smartphone) can affect eyesight. Talk about your lifestyle with your eye doctor. Talk about ways in which you could make lifestyle changes that will improve eyesight or even prevent future vision problems.

Question 3: How can I protect or prolong my vision?

Talk with your eye doctor about steps you can take. Depending on what you do for work and play, your eye doctor can describe common mistakes people make in caring for their eyes — and what you can do to avoid making those mistakes.

Question 4: Can you help me better understand my medical directions? 

Concerns or questions about instructions your eye doctor has given you? Ask them to print out directions, or explain instructions more clearly. It’s okay to bring a family member or friend with you to appointments: They can take notes, help with interactions, or ask for clearer information. Clarifying questions you might ask could include:  “What do you mean by that?” or “Could you share an example?” or “Could you repeat that?”

Are you insured? If you’re heading to an eye appointment and are unsure if your fully covered under your insurance, we’re here to help. If you’re interested in comparing and contrasting different plans, get in touch. We’ve done the research and are here to help! To chat with one of our team members, call us at 888-890-1944 or e-mail us at

Of note: The information provided here is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always check with a doctor or other appropriate medical professional you trust before making any healthcare changes. Also, please speak to your doctor before using any form of medication, whether that is prescription or nonprescription drugs.