Protecting your identity just got a lot simpler
Protecting your identity just got a lot simpler
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  • 6/1/2024

Identity Theft Insurance Plans

In an increasingly digital world, identity theft insurance is paramount now more than ever. A third of US citizens have been victims of identity theft, including over a million children. In addition to costing Americans billions of dollars, identity theft can ruin credit scores and cause psychological damage.

Identity theft insurance protection helps you recover from financial losses and secure your sense of well-being after a data breach. Protect yourself and your family with insurance for identity theft.


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What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when an impostor steals key pieces of your personal information - such as your Social Security or driver's license numbers, or passwords to your computer, cell phone, or bank accounts - and uses them to impersonate and/or steal from you.


What is identity theft protection?

Identity theft insurance provides peace of mind in a time when data breaches are rampant. It helps to protect you from ID theft and provides assistance in the case that you become a victim of ID theft. 

Identity theft protection services will vary from plan to plan, but in general the coverage will provide assistance in credit restoration and identity monitoring to reduce the time and effort required by the victim in recovering the losses.


How much will identity theft protection cost?

Plans can be as inexpensive as $4.99 a month—that's the price of one latte!—but the price will vary based on the coverage tier you choose and the amount of people you would like to cover. There are a variety of different coverage plans to choose from to cover you based on your budget and needs.