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Dental Insurance is as Efficient as You—Gig Economy

As a gig worker in the gig economy, you know how to operate with efficiency; whether that’s knowing your niche and riding the wave of exhilaration to your next consulting opportunity or picking up people for rides during boost time periods, the gig economy allows those looking for more freedom to get the job they want on their terms and make money.

You may not think dental insurance operates the same way, but it does! Dental insurance works with efficiency just as much as you do. There are all types of dental insurance plans on the individual market to choose from. Which one is right for you will depend on your needs.

How much do you want to pay per month?

Your monthly cost may be the first thing you check off when shopping for dental insurance. You want to make sure this fits within your budget before you purchase a particular plan. If you’re interested in getting the best value for your money, some additional research into the plans may be needed. But this is a benefit to you. Why pay for something if you don’t need it?

For example, let’s say person A is healthy, wants the preventive cleanings 3x per year, and doesn’t require major restorative work, but may need it in the future. Person A will look for a plan that covers exactly this. Now, let’s say person B needs dental insurance ASAP, is looking for major restorative care (such as a crown) but doesn’t see a need for the annual cleanings. There is dental insurance out there with pricing reflecting both needs.

Preventive cleanings are the ultimate efficiency tip

Similar to saving more money earlier in life that will gain interest, you will also save more when you take care of your teeth earlier. Cavities can form from a very early age. Once cavities form, it becomes a haven for bad bacteria to thrive as brushing sometimes won’t reach the areas needed to be cleaned—a dental professional will be needed for this.

With the bad bacteria continuing its way with degrading the tooth through the enamel, dentin and pulp, it may reach your connective tissue which would then require a root canal. Eventually, you may need an implant or partial dentures if the tooth needs to be extracted. Taking care of your teeth early saves you from pricey procedures later.

It’s also no secret that bad bacteria that live in your mouth like to form a protective sticky substance called plaque that is difficult for you to remove. As noted above, a dental professional is needed to take care of this by scraping the plaque away and also getting to the areas difficult to reach. Dental insurance typically provides 100% covered preventive services allowing you to save more with preventive cleanings.

Networks that bring savings & convenience

If you’re interested in saving money, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to which dental insurance plan has the network that works for you. The network is a contractual agreement by the insurance carriers to particular dentists that have reduced rates for dental services. If you choose to visit an in-network dentist, you will receive these lower rates. If you go out-of-network to visit a dentist, you will not get the lower rates, but may still get the benefits of the dental plan you chose.

Different networks work with different plans. A DPPO (dental preferred provider organization) plan offers a wide net of dentists to choose from, whereas a DHMO (dental health maintenance organization) plan will be more limited but may offer better benefits. There are also dental discount plans that operate as a coupon would. You show up with your discount plan and receive a discounted rate from your service. If you have questions about particular plans, call your dentist’s office, or the insurance carrier to find out more.

Waiting periods & the value of dental insurance

Time is of the essence when it comes to efficiency. The quicker you solve an issue, the sooner you can move on to the next task at hand. When it comes to dental insurance, you may find some dental plans have waiting periods for certain dental services—but not all do. Shop dental insurance with no waiting periods to find the plan you want.

The reason for waiting periods is to keep costs low. How do some dental insurance carriers offer no waiting periods with a competitive price? These dental insurance carriers are certain that once you see the advantages of receiving dental care with your insurance, you’ll see the value dental insurance brings and keep your insurance plan.

The need for dental insurance and the gig economy

The gig economy provides benefits on a multitude of levels. For the employer, they’re able to save time, money and become more agile in achieving their goals. For the employee, they get the freedom to choose where, when and what they’ll work on. On top of those benefits, the overall economy grows and the consumer is rewarded with lower costs and convenience.

Dental insurance provides similar benefits mentioned above. Choice is front and center in getting the dental plan you need. There are plans with networks that save you more money and provide convenience by offering a location near you. There are also no waiting period plans and preventive cleanings that save you money in the long run.

If you’re shopping dental insurance, the Direct Benefits Marketplace provides the best options from top brands for you to choose from. Compare plans and purchase in minutes. If you have questions, our customer support team loves talking dental insurance and guiding you to the plan that works best for you and your situation. Chat live with someone during business hours or give us a call!