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How to Choose the Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare in 2023

Updated Feb 2023

Having reliable dental insurance when you’re a senior can help ensure you’ll be able to afford trips to the dentist for everything from cleanings and gum treatments to dentures and fillings. But if you’re on Medicare, you might be left with a high bill.

Medicare Part A and Part B might help cover the cost of certain types of dental care, such as a procedure associated with the treatment for a serious medical condition. When it comes to routine care to keep your teeth and gums strong, unless you have Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) that includes dental coverage, you’ll need to pay for everything out of pocket. And seniors on a fixed income will likely find that hard to do.

Not satisfied with what’s offered by Medicare Advantage? You have another option: go directly to an insurance provider to purchase a stand-alone plan. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some information on the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare.

The best dental Insurance for seniors on Medicare: 6 carriers to consider
      Argus Dental
      Spirit Dental
      Dental Denali Dental
      Delta Dental
      California Dental
Does Medicare Have a Dental Plan for Seniors?
Shop for Dental Insurance on the Direct Benefits Marketplace

The best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare: 6 carriers to consider

Despite the importance of high-quality oral care, many seniors go without dental insurance. If you’re only relying on Medicare, it’s a great idea to look into affordable dental plans that can help you save a lot of money.

1. Argus Dental

When you’re on the hunt for dental plans for seniors on Medicare, it’s worth checking out the options offered by Argus. This might suit your needs if you want low-cost insurance, and you may find policies with an unlimited annual maximum, no waiting periods, and no pre-existing condition exclusions. Also, by signing up for plans that use a fee schedule, you’ll know how much a trip to the dentist will cost in advance, so there won’t be any surprises.

2. Spirit Dental

With a large network of dentists, Spirit is another smart place to look for dental insurance if you’re a senior. They have plans with a high annual maximum that might be upwards of $5,000, and there are no waiting periods. Also, you can get coverage for implants and three cleanings annually. So, you might be able to easily find a plan that suits your needs and fits your budget.

3. Renaissance Dental

If you want the freedom to go out-of-network, and you want to save money on preventive and restorative treatments, Renaissance might be just what you need. With plans that have a low annual deductible, no waiting periods, and a high annual maximum up to $3,000, this might be the ideal provider if you’re a senior in search of dental insurance.

4. Denali Dental

One of the nice things about Denali is its high annual maximum, which might be as high as $6,000. This means you can get a lot of support, even when you need to undergo expensive procedures to restore the health of your teeth and gums. Plus, you can choose from a large network of dentists, you may not need to worry about annoying waiting periods, and options include coverage for adult orthodontics and four cleanings per year.

5. Delta Dental

As one of the most well-known providers, Delta is another option to consider when you need dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. You might find plans with benefits that increase each year for the first few years. And, even though you might encounter a missing tooth clause and waiting periods with these plans, you can take advantage of a large network of dentists when you need basic or major services.

6. California Dental

If you’re concerned about the cost of senior Medicare supplemental insurance, California Dental may be a good place to look for an affordable plan. You might be able to enroll in a policy that has an unlimited annual max, low copay, low premium, and no deductible to save money. And because this insurance company also covers things like implants, adult orthodontics, and cosmetic work on certain plans, you can enjoy greater peace of mind when it comes to how you’ll pay for dental care in your golden years.

Does Medicare have a dental plan for seniors?

You might be able to get dental and vision insurance for seniors through a Medicare Advantage Plan from a Medicare-approved private insurer.

Remember, Original Medicare might only help cover the cost of dental care that’s related to things like surgery, hospitalization, and emergencies, so you’d be responsible for the cost of dental exams, X-rays, cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures, implants, etc.

Keep in mind that, if you’re thinking about going with a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes dental coverage, you might be restricted to signing up during certain enrollment periods. And plans can vary from one provider to another, as well as one location to another.

Don’t worry, if Medicare Part C plans don’t meet your needs, you also have the option of buying a stand-alone dental plan, such as one from the companies discussed above. You might find that they provide more comprehensive or more affordable coverage. And you can enroll in a stand-alone plan at any time of the year.

Shop for dental insurance on the Direct Benefits Marketplace

If Medicare has left you wanting more in terms of dental coverage, browse the many plans available in your area with the help of the Direct Benefits Marketplace. After finding the right policy for your expectations, you can easily enroll to receive the care you need without breaking the bank.