Direct Benefits, Inc. is a managing general agency that provides one-stop employee benefits brokerage to over 9000 independent agents, brokers, consultants and general agents in all 50 states.

"By partnering with financially strong insurance carriers we are able to create exclusive niche products for the individual and small group marketplace. Our mission is to provide our agents and their individual and small employer clients with the same or better insurance benefits that Fortune 500 employers provide.   Finally, we are committed to fast, responsive customer service and "Best in Class" marketing and sales support."

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Our Philosophy

Direct Benefits, Inc. is a managing general agency that provides full-service, one-stop dental, disability, life and vision benefits brokerage to agents, brokers, consultants, and general agents nationwide. We provide individuals and small businesses with the same or better quality insurance products as large employers. Our reason for being is that we’re "in it for the little guy”!

Our agents receive some of the biggest paydays in the industry – That’s because we offer competitive contracts, biggest bonuses & incentives and day-one vested renewals.

Our Core Values
We are Product Revolutionaries: we constantly ask how we can make our products better than our competitors. Our disruptive and unique “can’t-buy-them-anywhere-else” products are also easier to buy, sell and use, and provide more value to our agents and insureds.

We provide “Over-the-Top” Responsive Service: we answer questions and solve problems immediately. These moments of truth are our competitive advantage. If we can’t resolve an issue right away, we always keep our agents and clients updated with the current status.

We are Different: We constantly look for ways for agents and consumers to set ourselves apart from our competition. Our normal way of being and communicating will always attract attention because it’s not how insurance agencies and insurance products are “supposed to look and be seen”.

We are Dedicated and Don’t Mind Hard Work. If you are looking for a work place where you can just put in your time and get a paycheck, Direct Benefits is not for you. We enjoy working hard and watching our days speed by with intentional purposeful activity. We know that our work ethic makes us better and stronger than our competitors.
We are Generous. We are 100% givers of our attention, resources and time! Our generosity in this business is well known amongst our agents, carrier partners and customers.

We are Fun. We laugh every single day and especially at ourselves.

Our Process: we provide a simple way to help you go from getting appointed to providing the best products for your clients!
1. Listen.
2. Select.
3. Educate.
4. Enroll.