Find a Plan Dental by Procedure

Dentist showing patient tooth model

When shopping for the right dental insurance for yourself or your family, there are a lot of options available, which means selecting the most appropriate plan might be a bit of a challenge.

One way to narrow down your dental insurance options is by thinking about the procedures that you might need to have covered. For example, do you have kids who might need braces someday? Then you’ll need a plan that will include coverage for orthodontic treatments. Or, if you’re getting older and you’re concerned about needing a major service someday, signing up for a plan with a high maximum benefit may help put your mind at ease. 

How can you find a plan based on procedures covered? Here are some tips. Just keep in mind that different insurers will categorize various dental services differently, so be sure to check plan details carefully to see exactly what procedures will be covered.    

Preventive and Basic Procedures (Exams, Cleanings, Fillings, Etc.)

Preventive care might include things like exams and cleanings, and some insurers will cover these services 100%. Also, you might be able to get basic procedures covered at up to 90% by some providers. These are big savings!

Here are some dental insurance plans to consider if you’re looking for great coverage for preventive and basic services:

• Spirit Dental

• Delta Dental

• Denali Dental

• Renaissance Dental

• Magnum Dental

Major Services (Implants, Crowns, Bridges, Etc.)

Major services might include things like crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Unfortunately, not all plans will cover these services, which are expensive. Others might cover anywhere from 50-65% of the cost of major procedures. Therefore, if you want to be sure you’ll get this level of coverage, you might need to spend more money on a more comprehensive plan.

With dental implants, in particular, things can get a little tricky because a lot of insurers will consider implants a “cosmetic,” rather than “medical,” procedure. This means they might not cover the procedure at all. And if a provider is willing to cover the cost of implants, be aware that there might be a limit with regards to how much they’ll be willing to pay towards the procedure. Shop with care and read the fine print!

Two insurance companies that offer coverage for major services, including implants, are:

• Spirit Dental 

• Denali Dental 

A word about missing teeth:

Some insurance companies will have restrictions on coverage for missing teeth if those teeth were missing prior to signing up for the plan.

In other words, if you’re missing a tooth and you’re hoping to sign up for a dental insurance plan that will help cover the cost of an implant, you might find that you aren’t eligible for the coverage after all.

For this reason, it’s best to invest in this type of insurance in advance so that, in the event that you lose a tooth, you’ll be covered for the care that you need to replace it.

Orthodontics (For Kids and Adults)

Not all dental insurance plans will cover orthodontic care for kids or adults. And, yes, adults might need orthodontic treatments like braces, too! So, before signing up for a particular plan, take the time to read through the fine print to determine exactly how much coverage you’d receive if you needed orthodontics.

You might find plans that don’t cover orthodontic services but do provide you with discounts that are helpful when paying out-of-pocket. Also, some plans will have limits on how much you can spend on orthodontic care in a year, so keep an eye out for that as well.

In the case of orthodontics, a discount plan might be helpful if you have insurance that doesn’t provide orthodontic coverage, or if the annual limit is one that you’ll quickly exceed and you need some extra financial support.

Here are some dental insurance plans that cover orthodontics for kids and/or adults:

• Renaissance Dental 

• Delta Dental

• Denali Dental

• Spirit Dental

Shop the Direct Benefits Marketplace to Find the Ideal Plan!

As long as you know the procedures that you’re likely to need to keep your smile bright, clean, and beautiful, you can easily narrow down your many choices in the dental insurance marketplace. And, if you want to make shopping even simpler, check out the providers on the Direct Benefits Marketplace, where you can browse plans and their details to find the perfect one for your family.