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How to Create a Go-Kit for Your Pet

We’ve all heard about go-kits and bug-out bags: The ready-to-grab backpack or duffel with everything needed - clothing, food, water, medications, IDs - things you or your family need to leave home in a hurry during an emergency or natural disaster. 

What about the family pet? 

They need a go-bag, too! We’re here to help. Here’s a list to help you get started creating your pet’s emergency kit. Let’s get packing!

Create a go-kit (using a bin or bag) and place it next to your pet’s crate, kennel or carrier. 

Don’t forget food and water

  • 3-7 days’ worth of your pet’s regular canned or dry food
  • Bottled water, at least 7 days’ worth for each pet
  • Can opener
  • Water and food dishes

Consider bringing … 

  • Blanket (for comfort or covering cages)
  • Disposable garbage bags for waste clean-up, scooping poop
  • Disposable litter trays (aluminum roasting pans are perfect)
  • Extra collar, harness and leash (make sure they fit properly)
  • Flashlight
  • Grooming/hygiene items
  • Liquid dish soap and disinfectant
  • Paper towels
  • Towel
  • Toys

Your pet has important documents, too!

  • Either a photo or photocopies of medical and vaccination records
  • Prescriptions and instructions for medications
  • Pet insurance cards and policies
  • ID tags, microchips and licenses
  • Recent photos (in case you are separated and need to make “Lost” posters)
  • A written description including name, age, weight, fur and eye color, and other identifying details
  • A list of phone numbers, including for your veterinarian, pet sitter, closest emergency pet hospital, pet insurance agent

A few more tips

Rotate food, water, and medications every two months or so. That way, all items stay fresh and you are prepared with the most up-to-date supplies. Make sure that all family members know the location of the kit, in case of an emergency. That way, everyone is prepared. 

Now that you’re pet is prepared, is it covered with the right pet insurance plan? If not, we can help you online or talk you through any questions about choosing the right coverage. We’ve done the research and are here to help. To chat with one of our teammates, call at 888-890-1944 or email us at

Of note: The information provided here is not meant to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always check with a veterinarian you trust before making any major decisions for your pet.