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5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress for your Pets

The holidays are a time to relax: enjoy good food, read a book, binge-watch TV and/or listen to your favorite record. But for your pets, they may not find the holidays as relaxing. With fun, off-limits decorations being placed around the house, deliveries ringing the doorbell every other hour, new smells coming from the oven and a giant outdoor tree being placed where the pet’s bed used to be, the holidays can be pretty stressful for your furry baby.  But fear not. With these quick tips, you’ll be sure your pet will enjoy the holidays as much as you will! 

1. Create safe places with family and friends

When it comes to guests coming over to visit, some pets wag their tails and provide give-me-some-rubs smiles. Other pets would rather hide in a back closet. And some pets have territorial genes and would like to sit the guests down for a thorough checklist of who they are, why they’re over and what did you bring me? If you have an over-reactive pet, here are some ideas to think about: 

  • Training
  • Pet-friendly room
  • Pet daycare
  • Pet sitters
  • Stick with your routine

Some of these are easier than others. If you can send your pet to daycare while people are over, maybe it’s a win-win for both of you. But most people want their pets with them while socializing. If training wasn’t in the cards this year, sticking to a routine and creating a pet-friendly room may be your best bet. Bring their favorite toys, their bed, a favorite blanket, encourage with treats and let your guests know to please don’t disturb.

2. Keep your people food for people!

Look, it’s the holidays—there is a ton going on, all the time. And when you’re baking the cookies or cooking the turkey, you might forget that your pet is eagerly awaiting the smallest sliver to get their paws on something tasty. And although your pet thinks they’ll enjoy what they’re about to devour, what they don’t know is chocolate can make them very sick. And turkey bones can get stuck in the stomach causing blockages.

Your pets don’t understand what they can and can’t eat. Avoid an emergency trip to the vet and keep your food in a safe place away from your pets. If your trash gets too full, remember to take it out. Simple tips, but it can be difficult to remember with so much going on.

3. Place decorations out-of-reach

Similarly, with food, it’s essential you keep an eye on those new holiday decorations to see how your pets will react to them. Even though it looks festive and pretty in the store, it may not be the best idea to bring around your pet. Tinsel is a popular item to hang around your tree or mantel. It’s also very attractive to a cat looking for something to play with. And when consumed, tinsel can cause serious intestinal blockage. Fake snow and garland also fall under the do-not-advise category.

4. Avoid toxic plants

Although beautiful and full of tradition, certain plants should just be left out of your holiday decorating scheme. Poinsettias draw you in with their deep red colors. But if their leaves are digested, they will often cause nausea and vomiting. Holly and mistletoe actually carry a greater toxicity than the poinsettia thus should also be avoided. The symptoms of ingesting these plans are a severe drop in blood pressure, breathing problems, hallucinations and intestinal issues.

5. Pet-friendly ice-melting agents

If you live in the northern reaches of the United States, you deal with snow and ice more than others. Shoveling and breaking up ice can be a weekly chore. And if you use salt as a way to melt the ice and snow, there are specific kinds that are more pet-friendly than others.

The most popular ice-melts typically contain sodium chloride, which is also the least pet-friendly. Not only does it hurt their paws as they walk over it, but it can also be dangerous when consumed (licking). Instead, look for propylene glycol-based ice-melts.

Happy Holidays with pet insurance

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