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The Best Supplemental Dental Insurance on the Marketplace

Because a dental plan might leave you wanting more, supplemental dental insurance is an option to consider. The coverage you get from a second plan can help reduce the out-of-pocket costs for expensive care that you and your family might need.

What is supplemental dental insurance? Put simply, this is a plan you can get when you need additional coverage, such as when your current dental plan has a low annual maximum or it doesn’t cover certain treatments and procedures.

The best supplemental dental insurance plans
      Denali Dental
      Delta Dental
      Spirit Dental
      Renaissance Dental
      California Dental
Can you get Medicare supplemental dental insurance?
Is supplemental orthodontic insurance worth it?
Can you have two dental insurance plans?
      How does secondary dental insurance work?
      How do you determine which dental insurance is primary and which is secondary?
Use the Direct Benefits Marketplace to find supplemental dental plans

5 of The Best Supplemental Dental Insurance Plans

Despite the importance of high-quality oral care, many seniors go without dental insurance. If you’re only relying on Medicare, it’s a great idea to look into affordable dental plans that can help you save a lot of money.

1. Denali Dental 

When you want a dental plan that comes with a high annual maximum, Denali is a good option to consider because its annual max is up to $6,000. This insurer also provides coverage for four cleanings each year, along with orthodontics coverage for kids and adults. And without any waiting periods, you don’t have to hold off on getting the care you need. 

2. Delta Dental

One great thing about Delta Dental is its large network of dentists that you can choose from. Also, the benefits they provide for both basic and major services will increase every year up to the third year. Just be aware that some plans might have waiting periods. 

3. Spirit Dental

Spirit is another carrier that offers a high annual maximum of up to $5,000. Their plans provide a host of benefits, such as three cleanings per year and coverage for children’s orthodontics. Plus, there aren’t any waiting periods, and this might be the right choice if you’re searching for supplemental dental insurance for implants

4. Renaissance Dental

Renaissance offers policies that don’t have any waiting periods, and you can sign up for plans that let you visit dentists who are out of network too. Plus, they provide coverage for preventive cleanings, children’s orthodontics, and major services.

5. California Dental

An affordable option when you need a supplemental plan, California Dental offers policies without waiting periods and deductibles, and with unlimited annual maximums and low copays and premiums. Some of their plans might even cover cosmetic procedures, adult orthodontics, and implants.

Can you get Medicare supplemental dental insurance?

Seniors need to take great care of their teeth and gums because their risk of oral health problems may be higher. But if you only have Medicare Part A and Part B, trips to the dentist likely won’t be covered because there are limitations on the types of dental treatments that Medicare will pay for.

The good news is Medicare supplemental dental plans are available to provide support when you need anything from preventive cleanings to restorative bridges. You might be able to get dental coverage with a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan, or you can enroll in a stand-alone policy, such as one from the providers discussed above.

Is supplemental orthodontic insurance worth it?

It may be worth getting supplemental dental insurance for braces if your existing plan doesn’t provide enough coverage for orthodontics.
You might be able to find a plan that has a high annual limit and will be there to help cover the cost of pricey braces, whether you need them as an adult or your kids need them. Plus, you might be able to sign up for a plan that covers pre-existing conditions and has no waiting period, further helping you get the care you need without holding you back.

Can you have two dental insurance plans?

Yes, you can have additional dental insurance even if you already have a policy in place. For example, if you and your spouse receive dental insurance from your employers, both plans can be active. This is referred to as dual coverage.

How does secondary dental insurance work?

In the event that you have two plans, you’ll need to figure out which one will act as the primary policy and which one will be the secondary policy. Then, a coordination of benefits (COB) can determine how each of the insurers will provide coverage. Your secondary insurance will kick in after the primary insurance to help cover the balance, thereby reducing what you might owe.

Just keep in mind that your benefits won’t be duplicated, and your care won’t be covered beyond 100%. However, you may find that you’re able to save more when you have two plans.

How do you determine which dental insurance is primary and which is secondary?

There are a few ways to figure out which of your two dental plans will be the primary and which one will be the secondary. For example, if you have a plan from your job and another that you bought on your own, the one from your employer might be deemed the primary policy. Or, if you and your spouse have dental insurance from your jobs, your primary policy may be the one on which you’re the account holder, while your secondary policy may be your spouse’s insurance.

Use the Direct Benefits Marketplace to find supplemental dental plans

When you’re ready to look for supplemental dental insurance, Direct Benefits Marketplace can help make the process as simple as possible. Use it to search for and compare plans available in your area. Then, when you’ve decided on the policy that fits your needs, you can sign up quickly and easily.