About Us

We created directbenefits.com as the ultimate e-commerce insurance marketplace, where you can compare, purchase, and bundle a variety of insurance coverage plans that work hard to protect you and your loved ones.


The Direct Benefits Experience

We've handpicked the products on our marketplace to offer the best variety, prices, and plan features for our consumers Direct Benefits Marketplace makes it simple and affordable to get the protection you need for peace of mind in every area of your life. Use the Direct Benefits Marketplace to compare insurance products for dental, vision, short term medical, pet, identity theft, travel and more.


Best-in-class Customer Service

We're known for our over-the-top customer service. Our team works hard to make sure you've got everything you need to protect what's most important to you. 

When you call Direct Benefits, you can expect to reach an expert that can simplify the insurance-buying process and even make it a little bit fun.






Moving Forward

We're just getting started: Our goal is to continue to add more products to the marketplace over time to ensure the best comparison of insurance coverage plans that the internet has to offer.

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