What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

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What does Pet Insurance Cover?

It’s hard to decide on the best part of being a pet parent—There are just too many great perks to having a pet! It is, however, easy to pin-point the worst part: Vet bills.

Veterinary care is expensive no matter what stage of life your furry friend is in. It’s particularly expensive when the unexpected happens: an injury at the dog park, surgery to remove a foreign object, broken limbs, or worse—a cancer diagnosis.

Luckily, pet insurance can help cover the costs of veterinary bills and ensure the best care for your family member on four legs.

But what exactly does pet insurance cover? And more importantly, what does pet insurance not cover? Here is our guide on what is covered and what is not covered.

Our Pet Health Insurance Plans

Let’s start by covering the basics. Pet’s Best offers four different types of coverage: Accident Only, Essential, Plus, and Elite.

What your pet insurance plan covers and does not cover will vary from plan-to-plan. It is always important to read all plan details before you enroll to best understand your pet’s coverage.


We offer Accident Only pet insurance plans that start at $6 a month for cats and $9 a month for dogs. Our three tiers of coverage, Essential, Plus, and Elite, also cover accidents.

All four of these plans provide coverage for accidents that results in:

• Trauma

• Poisoning

• Bites (animal, insect, snake)

• Bone fracture

• Foreign body ingestion

• Hit by a car of moving vehicle

• Wounds

• Laceration, cut, abrasion

• Torn nail

• Medical problems directly attributable to accidental injury

Is your dog a hunting dog or a service animal? You’re in luck! This coverage also includes accidents that happen while hunting or in the line of service.

What Else Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Our accident and illness plans provide comprehensive coverage, which cover:

Emergency Care, Hospitalization, and Surgeries

Surgeries, including operations to remove foreign bodies (like a swallowed pair of underwear or a swallowed toy), mass removals, and more. Pre-anesthesia tests typically required before a surgery are also covered.


Illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, allergies, UTI’s, epilepsy, and skin and ear infections, and more.


This includes coverage for MRIs, blood work, surgeries, medication, and chemotherapy.

Hereditary Conditions

Including but not limited to hip and elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, IVDD, Wobbler Syndrome, glaucoma, and more.

Prescription Medications

Download the Pet’s Best Formulary to see covered prescription medicines.

Rehabilitative, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic

Only covered by our Elite plan, this includes coverage for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments administered by a licensed veterinarian.

What About Coverage for Routine Care or Vaccinations?

Accident and Illness plans will not cover routine care such as wellness exams, vaccinations, spay and/or neutering, microchips, and more.

If you are looking for a plan that will help cover these costs, you might want to add a Routine Wellness Plan to your accident and illness plan.

What Pet Insurance Does Not Cover

While knowing what your pet insurance policy covers is very important, it’s also important to know what is not covered before you purchase a plan.

Our Pet Insurance Policies will not cover pre-existing conditions. Pet insurance is meant for the unexpected and if we covered pre-existing conditions as well as any future issues related to pre-existing conditions, it would significantly raise the monthly charge, or premium cost, for everyone.

Keep in mind that as your pet ages, its health needs will probably change as well. A pet insurance policy lets you provide your pet with the wellness care and medical treatments they may need at an affordable price.

Want to compare plans? Read the helpful chart below or run a commitment-free quote to compare coverage plans for your pet!

If you have any questions about pet insurance, you can call us at (888)-890-1944 to speak with one of our product experts.